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  • Human search for meaning, The 2/e
  • Krüger JS, Lubbe GJA, Steyn HC
  • ISBN: 9780627027611
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627032240
  • 352 Pages | Published: 2009

The human search for meaning presents the basic facts concerning African Religion, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and contemporary religious movements, in clear, simple language. Themes include sacred places, traditions and scriptures; religious organisation and experience; teachings; ethics; and history. Maps, time charts, activities and self-testing questions are provided to ensure thorough understanding of the text.

This second edition of The human search for meaning contains a new section that deals with Religion Education at school, based on the National Policy on Religion in Education, as well as the National Curriculum for Religion Studies. The sections on contemporary religious movements have also been extensively revised.

Contents include the following:

  • World religious history
  • African religion in world perspective
  • Hindu adherents and functionaries
  • Becoming a Buddhist: the order and the laity
  • The making of the Talmud Christianity: From the great triumph to the great division
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • The secularisation debate
  • A search for new forms of religious experience: alternative spirituality

SECTION I: Introduction
Unit 1: Welcome to the world of religions!
Unit 2: Overview of the religious history of humankind
Unit 3: Points of departure and guidelines for the study and teaching of Religious Studies and Religion Education
SECTION II: African Religion
Unit 4: Terminology and main features
Unit 5: The San, Batswana and Amazulu
Unit 6: The Shona and Yoruba: African Religion in world perspective
Unit 7: The origin and scriptures of Hinduism
Unit 8: Hindu doctrine, philosophy and ethics
Unit 9: The modern era, Hindu adherents and functionaries, worship, holy days and Hinduism in South Africa
SECTION IV: Buddhism
Unit 10: The founder and the movement
Unit 11: The teachings of early Buddhism
Unit 12: Teachings in Mahayana schools and Buddhist practices
SECTION V: Judaism
Unit 13: Overview of Jewish history
Unit 14: Doctrine, scriptures and ethics
Unit 15: Rituals and worship, different branches of Judaism, and Judaism in South Africa
SECTION VI: Christianity
Unit 16: The founder and the early church
Unit 17: From the great triumph to the great division
Unit 18: The church in the modern era
Unit 19: The beginning and spread of Islam
Unit 20: Scriptures, doctrine and main branches of Islam
Unit 21: Practice
SECTION VIII: Religion in contemporary society
Unit 22: Religion: critique and predictions
Unit 23: The secularisation thesis
Unit 24: Reactions to modernisation and secularisation
SECTION IX: Teaching religion: the National Policy on Religion and Education and its application
Unit 25: The National Policy on Religion and Education
Unit 26: The Learning Outcomes of Religion Education and Religion Studies
Unit 27: Philosophical, methodological and educational principles underlying the teaching and learning of Religion Studies in public schools
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