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  • Perspectives on learning difficulties - international concerns and South African realities
  • Engelbrecht P, Kriegler SM, Booysen MI
  • ISBN: 9780627021664
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: N/A
  • 464 Pages | Published: 1996

Summary This book is a collection of readings on a wide range of diverse approaches to learning difficulties. It is authored by experts in their particular areas of interest, including a number of internationally known academics.


Section 1: Beyond mainstreaming towards effective schools for all
Chapter 1: An antroduction to specialise education
Chapter 2: Private trouble or public issue? School failure in sociopolitical context
Chapter 3: Education for all in South Africa
Chapter 4: Redistribution of special education resources in South Africa: Beyond mainstreaming towards effective schools for all

Section 2: Intervention model and service delivery options
Chapter 5: Early intervention: A global perspective
Chapter 6: The issue of an alternative model: Specialised education within an integrated model of education support services in South Africa
Chapter 7: A model for service delivery in rural areas

Section 3: Classification, identification and assessment
Chapter 8: Meaningful questions or meaningful answers: Worthwhile assessment in a changing world
Chapter 9: Perspectives on psychological assessment in South African schools
Chapter 10: Classification of learning difficulties
Chapter 11: Notions of intelligence: Implications for identification, assessment and intervention
Chapter 12: Assessing the causes of learning disability: A neuropsychological perspective


Section 1: Thinking skills
Chapter 13: Teaching thinking: Empowering teachers for cognitive education
Chapter 14: Early cognitive enrichment - linked to language acquisition
Chapter 15: Cross-cultural and interdimensional implications of Feuerstein's construct of mediated learning experience
Chapter 16: Cognitive control therapy for South African children with learning difficulties
Chapter 17: A self-regulated learning perspective on pupils with learning difficulties

Section 2: Motivation
Chapter 18: Motivation and learning
Chapter 19: Assessing the effects of attribution on learning motivation
Chapter 20: Techniques, interventions and programmes: Helping high school pupils to study

Section 3: Cultural/environmental disadvantage
Chapter 21: Education and culture
Chapter 22: Cooperative learning in the multicultural classroom
Chapter 23: Life skills education: Empowering pupils for the future
Chapter 24: A consideration of key factors contributing to underachievement in South African schools
Chapter 25: Selected linguistic realities in South African schools: Problems and prospects

Section 4: Reading/Literacy
Chapter 26: Dyslexia versus illiteracy
Chapter 27: The effect of orthographic depth on dyslexia: An analysis with specific reference to the South African linguistic situation
Chapter 28: Multilingual assessment of children's literacy
Chapter 29: Remediation of developmental dyslexia
Chapter 30: Enhancing the emerging literacy of young children: A research project
Chapter 31: Creating literacy learning opportunities in the classroom

Section 5: Mathematics
Chapter 32: Learning and teaching problems in mathematics: A holistic approach

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