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  • Understanding technology education from a South African perspective
  • Pudi T
  • ISBN: 9780627026614
  • eISBN: 9780627029592
  • ePub ISBN: N/A
  • 320 Pages | Published: 2007

This book is intended for Technology Education teachers, curriculum implementers, curriculum developers, designers, supporters and critics alike. Critiques are challenges, and challenges are stepping stones for growth. We have attempted, from a South African perspective, to cover many topics that are relevant to Technology Education as it unfolds in the General Education and Training band (GET). In doing so, we have ensured that the focus is on teachers and how to improve their teaching. Teachers are encouraged to find and solve problems or to create problems that their learners should be able to solve. Care must be taken that these are actually worth solving. This book is primarily focused on teachers as curriculum implementers, who have to be able to make sense of the curriculum in order to impart it to the learners. The focus of this book is to help teachers as lifelong learners to do so. We hope that this book will help to inspire teachers in particular and its readers in general to want to know more about technology and Technology Education. In the spirit of each one teach one, we hope that the messages contained within this book will be passed on.

The editor, Dr Thabo Pudi, is a senior lecturer in Technology Education at the University of South Africa. His qualifications include both a doctoral and a Master's degree in Technology Education, and a BEd in both management and psychology. He also studied electrical engineering in which he obtained a National Higher Diploma. Dr Pudi's experience includes being a principal of an FET college. He is also responsible for research in the fields of Technology Education, education management and psychology. He is a subeditor for the journal Africa Education Review and editor of the conference proceedings for the International Association for Cognitive Education in Southern Africa (IACESA).

Chapter 1 Introductory overview
Theme 1.1 Structure of the book
Theme 1.2 Educational transformation in South Africa

Chapter 2 Technology and Technology Education
Theme 2.1 Unfolding technology and Technology Education
Theme 2.2 Technology Education's relationship with other learning areas within C2005

Chapter 3 The design process
Theme 3.1 The design process

Chapter 4 Technological resources, materials and projects
Theme 4.1 Materials and resources
Theme 4.2 Getting to grips with technological problems

Chapter 5 Thinking skills as part of Technology Education
Theme 5.1 Thinking skills in Technology Education

Chapter 6 Teaching and assessment in Technology Education
Theme 6.1 Teaching Technology Education
Theme 6.2 Assessment of learning outcomes

Chapter 7 Impacts, biases and ethical application of technology
Theme 7.1 Impacts of technology
Theme 7.2 Ethical considerations
Theme 7.3 Technological biases

Chapter 8 Teacher attitudes and roles for Technology Education
Theme 8.1 Teacher attitudes
Theme 8.2 Teacher roles

Chapter 9 Inclusivity in the learning area of technology
Theme 9.1 Modifications, adaptations and accommodations for learners with barriers to learning in the learning area of technology

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