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  • Managing for healthy labour relations - A practical guide for health services in southern Africa 3/e
  • Bezuidenhout MC, Garbers CJ, Matlakala M
  • ISBN: 9780627032691
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627033162
  • 372 Pages | Published: 2016

The health services environment differs from other industries, as it deals with the wellbeing and lives of people. It is therefore imperative to understand:


• The importance of ethical codes

• The correct way of dealing with labour-related issues.


This work provides a practical and up-to-date guide for health services managers who deal with personnel and who wish to create a working environment that facilitates bilateral cooperation and avoid industrial action as far as possible. It sets out current legislation that affects both employers and employees, and informs them of their rights and obligations in very clear terms, supplemented by ample practical examples and specimen documentation.


Marthie Bezuidenhout is a Professor, formerly in the Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences at Unisa, but now lectures at the Tshwane University of Technology. Her fields of interest are health services management, leadership development and labour relations. She did her doctoral research on the manager’s contribution to sound labour relations.


Christoph Garbers, BLC LLB (UP), BCom Hons (Unisa), LLM (Stell), lectures Labour Law at Stellenbosch University. He is an attorney of the High Court and consults widely on labour issues. He is a co-author of and contributor to a number of books on law and labour law. For the past 25 years he has co-presented the highly successful Certifi cate Programmes in Advanced Labour Law and Practical Labour Law, as well as Labour Arbitration Workshops, on behalf of the Centre for Business Law at Unisa. He also presents the Certifi cate Programme in Labour Dispute Resolution Practice through Stellenbosch University in association with the CCMA and the wider labour dispute resolution practice industry.


Mokgadi Matlakala is a Professor in the Department of Health Studies at Unisa, where she teaches Health Services Management, Labour Relations and Research. Her doctoral studies dealt with management of a health service unit.


Susan Potgieter was formerly a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences at Unisa where she lectured health services management and labour relations. Her doctoral studies dealt with the handling of grievances. Currently she does labour consultancy.

Chapter 1 Organisational ethics


Chapter 2 The labour relationship


Chapter 3 The legislative framework


Chapter 4 Communication and employee participation in the labour relationship


Chapter 5 Recruitment and selection


Chapter 6 Terms and conditions of employment


Chapter 7 Training and development


Chapter 8 Change of status: transfers and promotion


Chapter 9 Grievances


Chapter 10 Performance standards, appraisal and reviews


Chapter 11 Discipline


Chapter 12 Retrenchment and redundancy


Chapter 13 Termination


Chapter 14 Trade unions and employers’ organisations


Chapter 15 Recognition agreements


Chapter 16 Collective bargaining


Chapter 17 Negotiation


Chapter 18 Dispute resolution


Chapter 19 Industrial action


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