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  • Principles and practice of nursing and health care, The - Ethos and professional practice, management, staff development and research 2/e
  • Jooste K
  • ISBN: 9780627032776
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627035104
  • 436 Pages | Published: 2018

Nursing is a service to humankind to prevent illness, support those in need and give care to others. It involves the giving of intimate personal care at the edges of life and death – to the hurt and the vulnerable. It is a science that calls for certain personal attributes, for the development of professional values and attitudes, and a firm foundation of knowledge and understanding of people. The principles and practice of nursing and health care addresses the essential educational needs of nursing students and health care professionals within the context of the most recent guidelines set by the South African Nursing Council.

The principles and practice of nursing and health care integrates a wide range of perspectives, giving students a sense of their multiple responsibilities, while at the same time demonstrating and reinforcing the values and ethics that must form the foundation of all their duties. As interactive learning is an essential aid for students, plenty of activities, case studies and questions are provided. An accompanying CD contains additional reading material and practical applications.

Contents include the following:

-       Professional-ethical practice

-       Legal rights and responsibilities

-       Professional regulation, competencies, responsibilities and accountability

-       The management and planning processes

-       Financial management

-       Organisation and coordination of a health care unit

-       Staffing and staff development

-       Clinical leadership and supervision

-       Control and safety measures

-       Overview of the research process

The principles and practice of nursing and health care has been carefully designed to meet the academic needs of nursing students and health care professionals. In addition, it will serve as a practical reference and guide in understanding and managing the many issues readers will confront every day while delivering quality care to clients and communities.

Prof. Karien Jooste (PhD) is the Head of the Nursing Science Department at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Her niche area is leadership in health services management.



Section 1 Ethos of nursing and professional practice

Chapter 1 Nature and parameters of nursing practice 

Chapter 2 Nursing theories and philosophy 

Chapter 3 Professional-ethical practice

Chapter 4 Legal rights and responsibilities

Chapter 5 Professional regulation: an organised profession 

Chapter 6 Professional competencies, responsibilities and accountability

Chapter 7 Professional and legal aspects


Section 2 Health care unit management

Chapter 8 The management process: an overview 

Chapter 9 Legislation and policy frameworks in planning a health care unit 

Chapter 10 The planning process in a health care unit 

Chapter 11 Financial management in a health care unit 

Chapter 12 Change and project management 

Chapter 13 Organisation and coordination of a health care unit: theoretical concepts 

Chapter 14 Organisation and coordination of a health care unit: teams and groups 

Chapter 15 Information and knowledge management 

Chapter 16 Staffing 

Chapter 17 Labour relations

Chapter 18 Leadership and guidance in a health care unit 

Chapter 19 Empowerment

Chapter 20 Communication in a health care unit 

Chapter 21 Clinical leadership and supervision 

Chapter 22 Control and safety measures in a health care unit


Section 3 Staff development

Chapter 23 Staff development 

Chapter 24 Career management


Section 4 Overview of the research process

Chapter 25 Foundations of research in nursing for evidence-informed practice 

Chapter 26 Ethics in research

Chapter 27 Initial steps of planning in research   

Chapter 28 Conceptualisation in research 

Chapter 29 Research design, population and sampling 

Chapter 30 Data gathering and analysis 

Chapter 31 Validity, reliability and trustworthiness          

Chapter 32 Reporting the research findings


Section 5 Health dynamics

Chapter 33 Health systems 

Chapter 34 Health care indicators and profiles 

Chapter 35 Current health care dynamics




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