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  • Introduction to tourism planning and development - Igniting Africa's tourism economy
  • Acha-Anyi PN
  • ISBN: 9780627036316
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627036323
  • 406 Pages | Published: 2018

Governments across the world are increasingly relying on tourism as an instrument of development. As tourism continues to grow globally, the prospect of irreparable damage being done to some of the world’s most cherished destinations is becoming real. The need to balance the ever-growing demand for tourism with planning and management strategies that protect and preserve both tourism resources and the environment for future generations is unquestionable. Tourism planning and development: igniting Africa’s tourism economy provides African students and development stakeholders with an opportunity to study and understand tourism in the context of their surroundings and heritage. 

Tourism planning and development: igniting Africa’s tourism economy is an introductory text that explains basic concepts and the unfolding of the tourism phenomenon on the African continent. Adopting a comprehensive and practical approach, it uses local examples and case studies to illustrate the implementation of tourism development principles and capture the essence of the African tourism space.

Contents include the following:

  • Planning for tourism development
  • Alternative tourism products in Africa
  • Role of attractions in tourism development
  • Accommodation and hospitality
  • Role of transport in tourism
  • Tourism supply chain management
  • Destination management and marketing
  • Environmental impacts of tourism
  • Tourism, entrepreneurship and small business development

Tourism planning and development: igniting Africa’s tourism economy is aimed at tourism students and development stakeholders. 

About the editor

Dr Paul Nkemungu Acha-Anyi is founder and executive director of Achas University Institute of Tourism and Business Management, and publisher of Achas Safari Africa magazine. He has lectured tourism development, economics of tourism and project management for over thirteen years at Tshwane University of Technology and currently undertakes contract research   supervision for a number of universities.



Chapter 1: The foundation of tourism

Chapter 2: Planning for tourism development

Chapter 3: Destination Africa: an institutional tourism framework

Chapter 4: Alternative tourism: the African perspective

Chapter 5: Attractions

Chapter 6: Accommodation and hospitality

Chapter 7: Transport

Chapter 8: Tourism intermediaries and information communication    technology (ICT)

Chapter 9: Tourism supply chain management

Chapter 10: Destination management and marketing

Chapter 11: Managing the interaction between tourism and the natural environment

Chapter 12: Economic impacts of tourism

Chapter 13: Tourism, entrepreneurship and small business development

Chapter 14: Impacts of tourism on host communities

Chapter 15: Sustainable tourism in protected areas: tourism concession and their benefits for tourism, communities and conservation

Chapter 16: The future of tourism in Africa




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