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  • Strategic management - Southern African concepts and cases 4/e
  • Ehlers T, Lazenby K
  • ISBN: 9780627036811
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627036828
  • 444 Pages | Published: 2019

Today, more than ever before, South Africa’s business climate is confronted with various challenges as a result of external environmental forces as well as internal nuances within the southern African context. The environment is characterised by change, turbulence and competitiveness, and therefore strategy is of the utmost importance for any organisation to survive and thrive. Many people’s lives and jobs are affected by strategic decisions and far too often, top management develops a strategy that is neither communicated to, nor fully understood by, other levels of management and employees, and may not even be relevant to the continued existence of the organisation. Strategic management explains the principles and application of the strategic management process, vital to sustaining the success of every organisation. Real southern African case studies are included to support these principles and applications.

This is the fourth edition of Strategic management, the first specifically southern African textbook on this subject. It emphasises the important role of corporate governance, with specific reference to the King IV Report. Appropriate southern African examples and case studies are used to illustrate the latest trends, particularly the history, development and strategy of Shoprite Checkers, which is used as a cohesion case study throughout this textbook. Key terms, summary questions and answers, relevant websites and recommended reading lists are also provided.

Strategic management: southern African concepts and cases will be invaluable not only to students of business management but also to organisations, from corporate companies with management training programmes to small business ventures struggling to hold their ground in a competitive environment.

Tienie Ehlers is the chief learning officer (CLO) of USB-ED (University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development). Prior to this role, he had always been an active business consultant as well as a lecturer on strategy, leadership and human capital at various business schools. He worked as CLO of SAB Ltd’s corporate university for 12 years, focusing on corporate training and development, performance management and leadership development. He was also formerly an associate professor in the Department of Business Management at UNISA, specialising in strategic management, leadership and international management.

Kobus Lazenby was an associate professor in the Department of Business Management at the University of the Free State, specialising in general, strategic and project management. He took early retirement in April 2017, but is still actively involved in academic activities. He is now the full-time owner-manager of a dairy farm, which gives him ample opportunity to apply his strategic business skills.



Chapter 1 – The strategic management process



Chapter 2 – Strategic direction 

Chapter 3 – Corporate governance and strategy 

Chapter 4 – External environmental analysis 

Chapter 5 – Internal environmental analysis



Chapter 6 – Strategy formulation: long-term goals and  generic strategies 

Chapter 7 – Strategy formulation: grand and functional strategies 

Chapter 8 – The Business Model Canvas as a strategic tool 

Chapter 9 – Aligning strategy with industry life cycle

Chapter 10 – Strategic analysis and choice



Chapter 11 – Strategy implementation and change management

Chapter 12 – The drivers of strategy implementation

Chapter 13 – The structural drivers and instruments for strategy implementation 

Chapter 14 – Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation



Chapter 15 – Strategic management concepts in the global marketplace (and a special mention to strategy in Africa)




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• A Test Bank (including memorandum), including the following types of questions: Multiple Choice and True or False

• Suggested answers to Cohesion case studies

• Suggested answers to Case studies

• Strategic Management 3 Chapter 14 PDF and LSM

• Jpegs of all figures and tables

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