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Where to Buy

Our textbooks are available from all academic bookshops and from selected trade bookshops. Many bookstores stock books for UNISA students but most universities and colleges have authorised booksellers who are usually on campus or nearby. Your study material or university website should indicate the authorised booksellers. Online retailers also stock textbooks or will be able to source the books quickly. The major online retailers are,, and Many traditional bookstores also have online purchasing options should you wish to explore this option.

Academic bookstores generally keep stock of textbooks prescribed by the institutions they serve although they might be temporarily out of stock. In these situations you should ask if you can order a book for collection when stock is received. If the bookstore is part of a chain, ask if a copy can be sourced from another branch. Bookstores may return unsold stock later in the semester so it is best to avoid buying your textbook just before your final exams.

Trade bookstores such as CNA and Exclusive Books might be able to order a book for you, but they generally do not carry stock so it would be advisable to phone ahead and ask if stock is available or if a book can be ordered before you visit them.

Another option is to buy an ebook and they are fairly widely available. Many of our books are available as ebooks and our eBooks are indicated in the catalogues and in the downloadable list. To read more about our ebooks and purchase options refer to the Ebook Guidelines tab on this site.

Ebook Guidelines

Thinking of buying an ebook? Read this for some useful hints and tips.

Before you click the download button, make sure that you have read through these useful hints and tips on purchasing and accessing an ebook for academic purposes. We welcome any feedback regarding our hints and tips for purchasing and accessing ebooks. Please feel free to contact us at:

Where can I purchase my ebook?

Our ebooks are available from a number of etailers, including:

kalahari books
Van Schaik Bookstore

Or ask your local bookstore whether they have an online store.

What are the benefits of ebooks?

Some of the benefits of an ebook include:

  • Mobility
  • Convenience
  • Value for money
  • Personalisation

Mobility – When you choose an ebook you can learn wherever you are and access your content on multiple devices such as your laptop, tablet and phone.

Convenience – Purchase your ebook today and access it easily. There is no need to drive from shop to shop looking for a copy of your prescribed textbook. Simply purchase your copy, download the recommended ereader and start learning.

Value for money – Van Schaik Publishers recommends that its ebooks be sold at 10% less than print books. Please note, however, that pricing is ultimately the decision of the etailer.

Personalisation – Make your ebook your own. Highlight, make notes and adjust the font size to enhance your learning experience.

What do I need to consider before I purchase an ebook?

When deciding which etailer to purchase your ebook from, remember to read their recommendations regarding the best devices, ereaders and apps to use when reading their ebooks. In some cases, a device may not be supported and would therefore result in an unpleasant and frustrating user experience. To avoid this, we suggest that you follow the recommendations of the etailer.

There are usually 4 steps to buying an ebook:

  • 1. Once-off registration may be required
  • 2. Install the software you need (registration may be required)
  • 3. Buy and download the ebook
  • 4. Transfer/add your ebook to your ereader

Your chosen etailer will have a guide to lead you through the process. It is also important to note how many times you can download your ebook and on how many devices you can access your ebook. Some etailers might restrict you to online reading only or they might offer an ebook that ‘expires’ after a set period of time.


Many of our books have Lecturer Support Material but this is not generally available for students. Any attempts by students to access this material will be reported to a student’s lecturer or Head of Department. You may, however, approach your lecturer to ask if any items such as presentation slides are available directly or on your course website. Occasionally, a book will be available with student resources and these will be listed on the Resources tab in the catalogue.